Monday, July 7, 2008

Brazilian footballer, Kaka, leaving Milan...

The rumor mill is being blown strong winds of Chelsea offering an "astronomical" price for Kaka. He is worth it, as he is last years recipient of both the Ballon d'Or and FIFA Player of the Year awards. Kaka would be following his once coach and teammate, Scolari and Shevchenko to Stamford Bridge. The source is non other AC Milan vice president Adriano Galliani.

Currently, The Blues, are denying the claim from Galliani.

Why would Milan lay the string to selling their current play maker and star? Is the financial debt the concern for the Milan corporate office, as they are out of the Champions League in the coming fiscal year, with no additional revenue from the europe tourney, what is Kaka worth to them? Remember, it is World Cup qualifications for the next year, should they sell, in hopes Kaka does not get injured during their payroll?

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