Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Soccer Minute on the Sports Anomaly

If you are into the beautiful game, love soccer players' sexy bodies or want to know more rules of the game, do no listen to the Soccer Minute. If you do want to be entertain by a trio with the most energy to boast with hilirarity that ensues on each podcast, listen to the Sports Anomaly. There is a new segment I start to pen, the Soccer Minute, to include quizes, quirky facts that will test the boundries of Sports Anomaly's wonderious trio.


Saturday, January 26, 2008

Latino Gamerz Match...huh?

Latino Gamers rejoice Major Gaming Championships (not latino) and iNSPIRE! (latino si) have banded together to create the first and only, a latino focused gaming console tournament named "Latino Gamerz Match." These console gaming tournaments have ranged from Super Smash Brothers to Halo and EA's Fifa series and Madden. The tournaments became a hit on the PC front, with Quake 3, Call of Duty, and Counter Strike leading the way. Blake Pettirgrew (not latino) president of MJC reasons for the alternative organization, "The Hispanic gaming community purchases over $700 in gaming products each year, but don't have a gaming tournament targeted to them." Keep your gaming fingers rested, LGM will be touring the US cities Los Angeles, New York, Houston, Miami, and Dallas.

No word if non-latinos can participate....cause that would be unfair.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Brazil Bans Everquest...Wow Hordies and Allies shake in their boots...

Brazil Banning!
It is true, a Brazilian judge, imposed a ban agaisnt the MMO Everquest and First Person Shooter Counter Strike. The reason cited for the upheld ban, "the subversion of public order, were an attack against the democratic state and the law and against public security." Lets see how long the Blizzard's popular World of Warcraft, world wide 9 Million player install base, stays ban free.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Dan Hsu in his monthly editorial in EGM, tittled Banned, calls out Ubisoft for pulling not only their Ads but also their upcoming gaming coverage. (How did Graw ever get a 10 was beyond me) With the Eidos and Gamespot fiasco fresh on everyones' mind and nearing the one year anniversery of the banning and unbanning of Kotaku at SF GDC 07 by Sony, I have one picture that sums it all up.


After reading the post, it will easy to determine which dog represents who, the underdog will always have the peoples' support.

(No animals were injured for this photo...seriously, unilike UBISOFT, the Cocker Spaniel was in good spirits the next day)

Too Laugh or To Cry it is your choice

With CES in full swing in Vegas, demos of Little Big Planet, a Sony PS3 sidescroller exclusive, have been streaming onto the net. One of these offers a level compromised of Pig Pinatas, Pueblo style buildings, Chili swings and a samba de amigo lookalike, as the three playable characters jump and play across the level. Laugh or cry at the british accent voiced player, as he and other players "grab the Mexican," in the demo.

Monday, January 7, 2008

HD Movies are now...

The era of HD movies began at this year CES. I was not able to go to this years event, but gaming blog site Kotaku has been pumping out the coverage. Two important changes to the HD Format wars, MS goes the way of a download service, whereas Bluray seems to have won over HD-DVD.

The Sony articles
The MS article

Having used both systems and Comcast's On Demand, the landscape of home movies is changing. There are positive and negative points for all three delivery systems, but Sony may come out ontop if it can deliver a similiar download service via their PSN Store ala Comcast or Xbox Live.

The UMD is dead. So long unliked friend.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Memo Ochoa linked to a Nou Camp transfer

Club America's goalkeeping phenom, Guillermo Ochoa, has been rumored to be a transfer pickup for the the prestigous Catalan Club. With backup goalkeeper Jorguera out for six months, Barca officials are scrambling for a top tier keeper to guide them through the Copa de Rey matches. Jorguera's previous starts this season have been for the Copa de Rey matches or when the primary keeper was rested. The rumor was first confirmed by Fox Sports Espanol announcer, Jorge Ramos, during the Interliga match between Morelia and America. Memo's performance, highlighted by a stopped penalty, showed that he is ready in match fitness for his probable transfer to La Liga del las estrellas. Ochoa played a consistent game, and lead America to an Interliga win with numerous stops on a cold Houston night.

Memo Ochoa has openly welcomed a transfer out of Mexico to any of the premier European Leagues. The number of Mexicans players in Europe has grown in an incredible rate since 2005, with La Liga having the highest number footballers. The only obstacles are, transfer price, and the number of non-European players allowed on the field. Will Barcelona and America come to terms with the price, and will Frank Rijkaard chance to sacrifice a non-European player for a keeper during the Copa de Rey matches.

Will Ochoa be joining his two compatriots, Rafael Marquez and Giovanni Dos Santos, at one of the prestigous clubs in Spain?
If it happens, it will be more than just a transfer.

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