Monday, June 15, 2009

Giuseppe Rossi, super sub, scores twice in Confedarations Cup 2009

once a villain now a hero

Giuseppe Rossi, came of the bench to score twice agaisnt his native country (Rossi was born New Jersey), in Confedarations Cup 2009 group play. The defeat is a heartbreak for the American soccer team, which lead at halftime, but a red card to Ricardo Clark prove to be a vital part of the game. The two Rossi's, Villareal Striker Giuseppe Rossi and Roma's Daniele De Rossi, the later if US soccer fans recall violently elbowed Brian McBride in the 2006 World Cup Match, played exteremly well, with De Rossi scoring the leading goal.

In earlier game, Brazil edge Egypt with a last gasp penaly shot by the newly signed Real Madrid playmaker, Kaka, 4-3.


Did Rossi earn a starting spot with two marvelous goals? Sound off below!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

David Villa to sign with Real Madrid

In another display of big spending, Real Madrid is to sign David Villa prolific goal scorer of Valencia fame. Los Blancos with have star studded attack of Villa, Kaka and Cristiano Ronaldo. Is there another jewel for Real Madrid's galaticos roster to come?
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Thursday, June 11, 2009

C Ronaldo to Real Madrid

More to come as the story is developing...
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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Barca, Masche, Transfer Drama, oh my!

Yes I did it! Barca! Barca! Barca!

Argentinian little man, Javier Mascherano, Liverpool midfielder, crosser extraordinaire, may be joining the other little wizard soon. Terra is reporting that the Masche is inching closer to signing with the treble winning, Man U pounding, Chelsea dream crushers, Barcelona FC.

Will Liverpool fans be up and arms, as they are in Milan, for the departure of one of their better midfielders? A Yaya Toure departure might just be in the cards afterall, since Mascherano, now team captain of the Argentina National Team, plays a similiar position.

Dante's Inferno Critique too harsh...

Sexy Videogame Land blogger, writer, journalist, and drunken podcaster, Leigh Alexander, opened the gates of hell, actually, she critiques EA Visceral Game's Dante's Inferno for being, wait, she actually does not critique it all. Leigh only points to other sites, like Kotaku's Brian Crecente, First Wall Rebate and Chris Remo's posts successfully pulling apart the foundation of what the IP is based on. Very gory, yet insightful posts. (Visceral Game's are known for Dead Space, The Simpson's Game, James Bond, Lord of The Rings, Road Rash, and the 16 bit Strike Series.)

But are we not putting the cart in front of the horse a little bit?

The Dante's Inferno, the game not the poem, is not even out yet, as it may be possible, the story can change during any moment in a game's development cycle, especially if it is a cut scene heavy type of game (God of War, Devil May Cry series were) they may be pulling the wool over our eyes this entire time. It is too early to pass judgment. Or is it?

I will, of course, criticism aside, jump in the pool since it is all warm and filled with chlorine.

One of the core arguments is the usage of the literally work being done so freely, as without any historical and literal context, as being wrong, "anti-intellectual" and uninspiring. I do agree, using the term adaptation is fool hearty, a better term would of been interpretation, as this is Visceral Game's interpretation of Dante's Inferno. Boobies and all. It is possible, since the greek god shtick is taken, what other religions did the team at EA could of use for their God of War clone? Egyptian? Uto-Aztec? Maya? Inca? Catholicism! A Call of Onuris game sounds compelling, fighting a ton of demon like creatures with the pyramids as Giza as backdrop, it does not have to be historically accurate, does it? Since Ubisoft has that 3rd Crusade thing going on for them, doh!, they also took the Renaissance, a warrior poet fighting the legions of hell sounds cool and all.


My wishes for the game are a bit different than the rest of us criticizing it, I would of like to have seen, the sins (demons, lust minions, babies) cast into hell were of videogame cliches, for example, when in the sixth circle of hell, a group of enemies will spawn behind the avatar and the camera or in the seventh circle we are shot by fireballs from an unseen enemy or in the eighth circle, death closets and shot kills! Do not forget grenade spamming, oh I hate that! That is how I imagine videogame Hell to be like, and to spoil the ending, instead of Lucifer chewing on the heads of the traitorous Brutus, Cassius and Judas it will instead be, Master Chief's, Mario's and Solid Snake's heads. Interpret that as any way you may!


The God of War comparison is not fair, because no one held any type of criticism to its revenge story, but there may have been thought provoking commentary if it was named the as the classical, Virgil's Aeneid. It was not. Dante's Inferno may get skewered and grilled, not for creating a work on a classical poem, and missing the ironies that made the said poem so celebrated, but only because God of War 3, and Bayonetta seem so compelling.


Monday, June 8, 2009

Brazil's playmaker Kaka to leave AC Milan for Real Madrid

In an effort to stay relevant in football, Real Madrid is poised to sign AC Milan and Braizilian playmaker extraordinaire Kaka for a hefty sum of £56 Million. If the reports turn out true, Real Madrid is restarting their bid to European domination by buying these Galaticos, players who are considered to the elite of football players of the world. Our only question at Latinogamer, who is next to go to los blancos?
is reporting that the deal is done...

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Where's my SOUL; Rock Band and Guitar Hero franchise off a step

When it comes music, the industry itself has been always driven either by good marketing or creative hustle.

Why has MTV Games/EA/Harmonix and Activision/Neversoft failed, once again, to address Soul Music and Latin American Music in their marquee franchises of Rock Band and Guitar Hero at E3?

Sony's Singstar has included a strong multicultural lineup in their song selections, do to SCEE being part of multilingual market, but when it comes to American publishers and developers they have failed to properly capture the other popular music genres.

Soul Music, R&B, Hip Hop, Mariachi, Banda, Cumbia, Rock en Espanol are huge music genres, with multimillion selling artists and albums, but Rock Band and Guitar Hero have included very little amount of songs in to their respective franchises.

The Music Game genre is growing, DJ Hero, Scratch and The Beatles, were recently announced at the videogame tradeshow E3, but there is still an absence.

Nintendo, please make a James Brown Wii Balance Board game. Thank you.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Left 4 Dead 2, Valve and the Tale of Two IPs

Earlier today at Microsoft's E3 Press Conference, Valve announced the sequel to their co-op zombie shooter, Left 4 Dead 2. PC Gamer has the exclusive print story and more details are bound to be announced at the EA Conference.

Valve has changed the way the way they support their IP's with the announcement of the sequel to Left 4 Dead.

I would say so, especially after the latest release of content to the popular online shooter, Team Fortress 2. Valve has released weapon add ons to almost every class, maps and even three new modes. With Left 4 Dead also received free content, the Survivor pack added two full campaigns of "Death Toll" and "Dead Air" for versus mode, as well as the survival game mode, where the survivors try to fight through endless waves of zombies. Why does the Left Four Dead 2 content, a year later of its' release,not added to the existing L4D?

The tale for Team Fortress 2, released in Nov 07, was a bit different, originally included in the Orange Box (Steam and retail) and later packaged as a solo sku, the free content received has trickled out of Valve for two years. If you add up all the content, Team Fortress 3 with updated visuals, could of been printed and released. Why do Left 4 Dead owners get the shaft, and also PC players who are accustomed to the free content of Valve, now have to pony up and pay for content that would been free? Considering one of the glaring issues reviewers and critics had for L4D as being too short.

How great will the backlash be?

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