Thursday, April 2, 2009

Demilitarized Killzone; Five changes for Guerrilla to fix KZ2 multiplayer

Killzone 2 has become a widely popular title for the Playstation 3 and the Playstation Network. Online players have moved away from popular franchises of Call of Duty and Resistance to KZ2 hectice online team based shooter. The multiplayer in Killzone 2 is similar to popular PC series, Battlefield, Call of Duty 4, and Team Fortress. By taking portions of each title, Guerrilla Games created a fun, challenging and addicting shooter. There are a few issues; listed below are the top five changes for GG to implement on their next patches.

1. Tone down damage done by grenades and rockets, matches have become grenade/rocket spam heavy
2. Class weapon exclusivity of each class and during gameplay, players can only get ammo from weapon crates
3. The ability to upgrade turrets increasing the damage output per each level
4. Medic faster recharge, extra points if alive after ten revives
5. Force class team balance, no more than four of a kind on each team

Sound off below with your own ideas.

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