Monday, June 30, 2008

Ciao Deco, FC Barca parts way, Stamford Bridge bound

Frenemies? John Terry and Deco jostling for the ball...

Can Deco fill the playmaking void that Chelsea suffered after the Arjen Robben departure? Can Ballack and Deco co-exist in the same midfield? What type of stucture will the Chelsea coach, Scolari, implement at the Stamford Bridge?

The Premeirship is only getting better and better with all these fabolous new signings...

Eagle Eye and Portal may have something in common

Might be a bit of a stretch, but Valve's Portal famous villain GLaDoS who leads players to a certain doom sounds very familiar to the Shia Lebouf movie, Eagle Eye. The woman on the phone, leads Shia's character through similar obstacles in last weekends premier trailer.

Will post comparison videos...
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"We are every where"

UEFA UERO 2008 Game Video

How awesome is this Henry gol? So awesome

The Godfather will be Blu this Sept...

The Godfather trilogy has once again been revamped for a holiday season release. The noticeable changes will be the HD presentation and restoration of the two classics and its forgettable second sequel. A frame by frame restoration overseen with Francis Ford Coppola including unseen featurettes.

Not sure if the feature film edition has been changed from the 2001 box set. One small tidbit, the film differed over time, with the spanish version including cut scenes from the american version. These scenes will be available as they were in the 2001 box set.
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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Civilization IV: Colonization, PC?

"There is always a certain glamour about the idea of a nation rising up to crush an evil simply because it is wrong. Unfortunately, this can seldom be realized in real life; for the very existence of the evil usually argues a moral weakness in the very place where extraordinary moral strength is called for." WEB du Bois

WEB Dubois

Today's post is in response to Ben Fritz's and Stephen Totilo's blogs via Variety and Kotaku, in regards to the remake of Sid Meier's Civilization Conolization.  Please read these two posts before reading my impressions.  :)

Colonization main focus is the conolization or conquest (a small c) of the New World by the entroaching European powers.   During the era from about 1500 to the 1800s, after the discovery period. The key players are all here, the English, the French, the Spanish, and the Dutch.    

The goal is to compete with other European powers, but historically, the competion was between groups like trading groups of the Dutch East India Company, Proprietary Governors ( individuals or companies granted commercial charters by the King of England to establish colonies) and Spanish Conquistadores.  The conolization of the New World is one of mass death of the Native Americans by the means of slavery, disease and war.  Is this a game you want to play?

Is Civilization 4: Colonization outright racist? Since the game has not been released, we have no idea if the developer and the creator have up their sleeve in regards to the New World people. Is the players' only interactive goal is to colonize, destroy or to enslave the New World AIcounterparts, is that racist? Would it be historically accurate to have the chance to use chemical warfare by contemplating the use of passing smallpox through infected blankets? If the player loses a battle, would Mesoamerican AI perform sacrifices of the captured Spanish Conquistadors and their allies? 

These questions will largely remain unanswered up until the game is released If they can portray a historically accurate account of what happen to the new world, show the effects to the Columbian exchange and to tell the story for the tragic incidents of Trails of Tears, the Fall of the Aztecs and Incas, then I am all for it. History can be a tragic affair, and at times we do not want to hear the inconceivable truth, but we must know it. My hope is that the developers, publisher and the creator will not allow a simple lie prevailing the complicated truth in regards to the New World and its colonization.

My question to the reader, knowing the horrible tragedies that occured during the exploration and conolization of the New World, is the game racist or insensitive at best?

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A game to remember, Germany edges Turkey with 3-2 victory

EURO 2008 Semi Final
What a way to start the semifinal, Turkey proved that they can stanf with the best of Europe.

One of the most thrilling nights in Basel, the Turkish luck has finally ran out as Germany advances with a Lahm goal. Even with a blown penalty call, Germany manages to survive the Turkish attack, which was relentless at times.

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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Ruud Van Nistelrooy the end?

Was it the end of Van Nistelrooy's illustrious career with the Dutch. Will he retire from international duty?
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A Spanish Lost =

A spanish lost in the UERO quarters will be the end of a disatorous tourney for all group winners. Portugal, Crotia, and the Dutch have all failed to win in the quater rounds. Can the "Nino" Torres perform his magic? Will Xavi and Ineista be "on" for tomorrows match?
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Russian victory in Euro 2008

The dutch were eliminated on a cold night. The Russians are one win away from a finals birth, they will face the winner of Spain v Italy match.
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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Suprise Suprise, Germany up 2 nil

Ten minutes left until half time whistle is blown, Portugal has been outplayed. With a clinical counter and cross, Germany opened the scored card. Shortly thereafter, a subperb freekick cross was headed by German forward Klose.

Did the Madrid and Chelsea hoopla distract the two most important figures of Portuguese futbol? Was Portugal doomed to begin with, using two proven but much older defenders? Did Deco's sudden leave cause some inner turmoil between players?

Not sure what the distraction was, but German maestro, Ballack, has been able to free himself even being man-marked by shutdown player Pepe. Who knew Germans loved to counter, and why is Portugal letting them do so freely.

***Nuno Gomes knocks in a Ronaldo shot. We have a thriller on our hands.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Top Five Chores to do while watching Metal Gear Solid 4...

5. Fold laundry.
4. Work out on the tread mill
3. Feed the dogs
2. Make a sandwich
1. Post this blog
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A needed Romanian win can cause needless penalties for Les Bleus and Forza Italia

Whoever was the one who came up the idea of deciding tie breakers by penalty shoot out, needs to be pelted by soccer balls. Who deemed it necessary to decide who is third and fourth in the group stage is unfair for the players and their fans.
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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Mom! The Turkey is not done yet...

A miracle in Geneva, the Turkish players bounce from a 2 - 0 deficit to score three goals in fifteen minutes. ESPN chose the correct time to show the EURO Cup, with Nihat Kahveci scoring the tieing and the winning goal.
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Friday, June 13, 2008

Movie Time

I hate the whole dvd to ipod interface. Just hate it. I had to watch "Clockwork Orange" in french.

Not the reason of the post. Two geek/otaku/ guy films are release today. The autuer everyone loves to hates, "The Happening" and the reboot of the Marvel franchise, "The Incredible Hulk." What astounds me, and I may be a bit suprised. The Hulk was originally grey. Why has that not been shown in the movie? Grey as a color fits, is he good or evil or is he just misunderstood becuase of his split personality...

I have met the original tv Hulk, Lou Ferrigno (I know I just fucked his last name) at this years Wondercon in Sf. Eric Bana and Edward Norton were unsuprisingly not there. Lou mentioned a part in the new film, but I imagine a very small cameo was in the cards. The jumnp from a tv seriesb to movies was a leap that needed to be done. The Hulk in the comics was not some lose who lost to the Terminator's Arnold in the Olympia competition, but a freaking hulking giant that loses it safe to rage. Are the casual movie audience going to care that the Eric Bana Hulk never existed? Now we have two, green hulking beasts, with the same mythos. In comics this type of action, mucking with a characters' mythos or continuity would be fatal to the series. I saw it once, why do I have to see it again, if the Hulk mythos is the same but with better cg and a different villian?

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Thursday, June 12, 2008

MGS4 Update

Three hours in, I feel like I have watched a movie/tv show rather than playing a game. Atleast the plot and story is not as wacky as I thought it would be.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Jozy Altidore Top Five Reasons to play with Villareal in Spain

5. It has come full circle, Jozy was concieved in a night of sangrias and the Beatles Yellow Submarine playing in the background.
4. Wants to end racism in Spain.
3. Wants to return to the MLS when he retires.
2. Does not need to change his name when booking into a hotel in Spain, Josephina Altidore works great.
1. How do you say, "give me the damn ball" in spanish, without looking egotistical...
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Metal Gear Solid 4

The energy is in the air. In a matter of hours east coast American living dwellers will be getting their hands on Japan's latest gaming import, MGS4. Like last months gaming craze, Grand. Theft Auto 4, this is the fourth installment of the Solid Series. Where GTA4 is a crime-drama epic story, MGS4 details the end of Solid Snake and an ending point of the Solid Saga. Questions have been lingering in the minds of fans; how liquid ocelot became to be, who are the patriots, why is snake aging so fast and can love bloom in a battlefield? Tonight gamers can start the plunge of the sci fi espionage drama, and finally put to rest four years of gaming anticipation.

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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Top Four Reasons Why Giovanni Dos Santos should stay in Barca

4. You lose the chicken dinner and get with a winner, not the other way around.
3. Tottennham Hotspurs has not had a wiining season since the 90's.
2. Brits and Mexi-Brazilians do not mix well during tea time and conchas.
1. Cristiano Ronaldo is no longer the young boy of the EPL.
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Monday, June 9, 2008

Clockwork Orange are baaaaack; defeat reigning World Champs

The Dutch, or the Netherlands, lead by national team coach Marco Van Basten, who won the same Euro tourney twenty years ago, defeats Italy with a strong 3 nil showing. Having players coming off championship season at Real Madrid are now destined to show their mark in Euro 2008 as Italy was favored to win the tourney. Lead by Van Nistelroy, Snjeider, and Robben, the Orange Clockwork are back, and they started with an Italian rape...

MGS 4 Metreon SF Signing Update

Be there or be solid....

Hope to see you there!

Sexiest Goalkeeper, Oswaldo Sanchez arrested in Chicago

Chingado! Mexican Futbol Goalkeeper Oswaldo Sanchez, who lead Torreon Santos to a Mexican Championship this season, after the victory over a weak Peruvian team on Sunday, was arrested. Mexican players decided to throw an impromptu fiesta. (Should of been a siesta) Early reports are indicating Oswaldo Sanchez became unruly after police officers responded to loud disturbances in an unamed Chicago hotel.

No word has been released by FMF, or the Chicago Police authorities regarding the arrest.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Ronaldo's Top 5 Reasons to go to Real

5. He prefers Spanish silverware when he eats
4. Spain is closer to his Momma
3. Tired of being ridiculed for always wearing shades in foggy England.
2. Tevez, Rooney and Rio were not keen to do a "Devils show their tail" calendar. Ramos, Gago, and Robinho will.
1. Fashionitas claim Purple is the new Red!
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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Villareal; Keeping up with Madrid, well trying to

Villareal, known as the "Yellow Submarine," has signed two young prospects. American phenom, Jozy Altidore and Uruguayan foward Robert Mario Flores. These young playmakers will hope to make the senior squad who might be stretch a bit thin with Champions League duty this year.

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Ronaldo and company too much for the Turkish

An easy victory for the Portuguese, Turkey will be looking to bounce back. Pepe and Meireles were the unlikely scorers for the team filled with past and present european club champs.
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Uefa Uero 2008

Will be on espn, but will sprinkled on espn 2, deportes and I assume classic.

Czechs def the swiss by 70 minute winner, by super sub Vaclav Sverkos.
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Friday, June 6, 2008

Metal Gear IV; IGN Trailer comapre vid

Today, IGN has released a comaparision video of 2006 E3 trailer to its now final build. Just a few more days of the worldwide release of Metal Gear Solid IV.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Metal Gear's creator

Will be on hand for signing at the San Francisco Metreon next Saturday. Be there early and expect long lines...
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Sven's Top Six of the week

6. No queen to disgrace in Mexico.
5. British food and weather is bland and cold just like sweden.
4. Nery says they love and accept foreigners if ones drink enough tequila to sing the national anthem.
3. Drunken mariachi night at the pub ended in fights.
2. Gas prices has raised the cost of imported tortillas in Great Britain.
1. Blue and yellow makes GREEN!

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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Sven Goran Eriksson mania invades Mexico

It is true, Sven became Mexico's ninth foreign head coach on Tuesday. To be honest, I support the decision, I just hope he gets the victories he could not get with England.

I positive Sven will excel in Mexico, he has a natch on eyeing new talent and will not favor any players as only has ever played under him.

Being the coach of Mexico is a challenging position, and stressful, but Sven has enough pedigree in his resume to sway anyone. Hopefully for tri color fans, he will take them farther in the world cup than he did with the brits.

****Mexico has reached the quarter finals twice, in 1970 and in 1986, both being staged in Mexico. All of their games resulting in a win or tie all played in the Azteca, with the advantage going to Mexico do to the altitude.

My point is, in 1970, there was no second round due to the size of the tourney. In 1986, they were lead to the quarters by the famed and Yugoslovian borned now Serbia, Bora Milutinovic, not bad for a foreigner.

Can Sven lead a team with a homefront as viscious as it is in England? Does he have enough clout to choose his players and not the ones forced onto him by the federation or the Mexican club team owners?
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Monday, June 2, 2008

Torreon Santos winners of the Clasura!

After a year of almost joining the Mexican lower division, Santos Guerreros win the Mexican championship. It was a hard road, Monterey and Cruz Azul played to the occasion and made Daniel Guzman's men earn the victories.

Can Santos hold their core group of playermakers of Luduena, Vousso, and Benitez? The victory earns them an automatic berth to the new CONCACAF Champions league, but if players are sold to cover their spending spree from a year ago, how well can they fare?

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