Friday, June 13, 2008

Movie Time

I hate the whole dvd to ipod interface. Just hate it. I had to watch "Clockwork Orange" in french.

Not the reason of the post. Two geek/otaku/ guy films are release today. The autuer everyone loves to hates, "The Happening" and the reboot of the Marvel franchise, "The Incredible Hulk." What astounds me, and I may be a bit suprised. The Hulk was originally grey. Why has that not been shown in the movie? Grey as a color fits, is he good or evil or is he just misunderstood becuase of his split personality...

I have met the original tv Hulk, Lou Ferrigno (I know I just fucked his last name) at this years Wondercon in Sf. Eric Bana and Edward Norton were unsuprisingly not there. Lou mentioned a part in the new film, but I imagine a very small cameo was in the cards. The jumnp from a tv seriesb to movies was a leap that needed to be done. The Hulk in the comics was not some lose who lost to the Terminator's Arnold in the Olympia competition, but a freaking hulking giant that loses it safe to rage. Are the casual movie audience going to care that the Eric Bana Hulk never existed? Now we have two, green hulking beasts, with the same mythos. In comics this type of action, mucking with a characters' mythos or continuity would be fatal to the series. I saw it once, why do I have to see it again, if the Hulk mythos is the same but with better cg and a different villian?

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