Thursday, June 19, 2008

Suprise Suprise, Germany up 2 nil

Ten minutes left until half time whistle is blown, Portugal has been outplayed. With a clinical counter and cross, Germany opened the scored card. Shortly thereafter, a subperb freekick cross was headed by German forward Klose.

Did the Madrid and Chelsea hoopla distract the two most important figures of Portuguese futbol? Was Portugal doomed to begin with, using two proven but much older defenders? Did Deco's sudden leave cause some inner turmoil between players?

Not sure what the distraction was, but German maestro, Ballack, has been able to free himself even being man-marked by shutdown player Pepe. Who knew Germans loved to counter, and why is Portugal letting them do so freely.

***Nuno Gomes knocks in a Ronaldo shot. We have a thriller on our hands.

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