Monday, June 1, 2009

Left 4 Dead 2, Valve and the Tale of Two IPs

Earlier today at Microsoft's E3 Press Conference, Valve announced the sequel to their co-op zombie shooter, Left 4 Dead 2. PC Gamer has the exclusive print story and more details are bound to be announced at the EA Conference.

Valve has changed the way the way they support their IP's with the announcement of the sequel to Left 4 Dead.

I would say so, especially after the latest release of content to the popular online shooter, Team Fortress 2. Valve has released weapon add ons to almost every class, maps and even three new modes. With Left 4 Dead also received free content, the Survivor pack added two full campaigns of "Death Toll" and "Dead Air" for versus mode, as well as the survival game mode, where the survivors try to fight through endless waves of zombies. Why does the Left Four Dead 2 content, a year later of its' release,not added to the existing L4D?

The tale for Team Fortress 2, released in Nov 07, was a bit different, originally included in the Orange Box (Steam and retail) and later packaged as a solo sku, the free content received has trickled out of Valve for two years. If you add up all the content, Team Fortress 3 with updated visuals, could of been printed and released. Why do Left 4 Dead owners get the shaft, and also PC players who are accustomed to the free content of Valve, now have to pony up and pay for content that would been free? Considering one of the glaring issues reviewers and critics had for L4D as being too short.

How great will the backlash be?

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