Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Where's my SOUL; Rock Band and Guitar Hero franchise off a step

When it comes music, the industry itself has been always driven either by good marketing or creative hustle.

Why has MTV Games/EA/Harmonix and Activision/Neversoft failed, once again, to address Soul Music and Latin American Music in their marquee franchises of Rock Band and Guitar Hero at E3?

Sony's Singstar has included a strong multicultural lineup in their song selections, do to SCEE being part of multilingual market, but when it comes to American publishers and developers they have failed to properly capture the other popular music genres.

Soul Music, R&B, Hip Hop, Mariachi, Banda, Cumbia, Rock en Espanol are huge music genres, with multimillion selling artists and albums, but Rock Band and Guitar Hero have included very little amount of songs in to their respective franchises.

The Music Game genre is growing, DJ Hero, Scratch and The Beatles, were recently announced at the videogame tradeshow E3, but there is still an absence.

Nintendo, please make a James Brown Wii Balance Board game. Thank you.

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