Thursday, January 3, 2008

Memo Ochoa linked to a Nou Camp transfer

Club America's goalkeeping phenom, Guillermo Ochoa, has been rumored to be a transfer pickup for the the prestigous Catalan Club. With backup goalkeeper Jorguera out for six months, Barca officials are scrambling for a top tier keeper to guide them through the Copa de Rey matches. Jorguera's previous starts this season have been for the Copa de Rey matches or when the primary keeper was rested. The rumor was first confirmed by Fox Sports Espanol announcer, Jorge Ramos, during the Interliga match between Morelia and America. Memo's performance, highlighted by a stopped penalty, showed that he is ready in match fitness for his probable transfer to La Liga del las estrellas. Ochoa played a consistent game, and lead America to an Interliga win with numerous stops on a cold Houston night.

Memo Ochoa has openly welcomed a transfer out of Mexico to any of the premier European Leagues. The number of Mexicans players in Europe has grown in an incredible rate since 2005, with La Liga having the highest number footballers. The only obstacles are, transfer price, and the number of non-European players allowed on the field. Will Barcelona and America come to terms with the price, and will Frank Rijkaard chance to sacrifice a non-European player for a keeper during the Copa de Rey matches.

Will Ochoa be joining his two compatriots, Rafael Marquez and Giovanni Dos Santos, at one of the prestigous clubs in Spain?
If it happens, it will be more than just a transfer.

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