Thursday, July 3, 2008

Argentina Futbol en route Beijing

It is no surprise that AFA takes their winning titles seriously. It has been a sour spot that the Argentina Men's National team have not won a major title since Copa America 2003 with their 2 to 1 victory over Mexico. Even leading ELO Fifa Rankings for months, only to fall down five rankings to six.

Argentina's recent championships come from their youthful exploits in the FIFA U - 20 World Cup, of the three titles from came from the tutoring of Jose Pekermen. The two recent titles came from the two Maradona's to be, Messi and Arguero, in the 2005 and 2007, respectively.

With the Olympics in the horizon, as being defending champs from Athens 04, Argentina will be boasting a team of past youth champs. The trio is made of past youth champs of Juan Roman Riquelme, Lionel Messi and Sergio "Kun" Arguero, all once pegged by the crazed Argentine media to be successors of Diego.

Is it enough, with another Olympic victory being very likely, to satisfy their home front of fans? Can this Olympic be a preview of an Argentine team that can lift the World Cup in South Africa?

Spain's Fifa ranking jump as along with other European teams was expected because of the nature of the ranking system. The top mover was Russia who jumped 13 spots. The Fifa rankings are just a meter of the better played teams of the past four years at best, at worse, it is used to justify which national country is the best.
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