Sunday, January 16, 2011

Jersey Shore Season 3 Episode 2 Of I'll Pound You

As the viewers have grown accustom to
, fights within the Jersey Shore cast are regular as fist pumping. In episode 2, we see Jwoww and Sami continue their epic hatred of each other as they fight once more. The cast heads off to Karma, there familiar hunting grounds and two of the boys are caught in unfamiliar territory. Rides on the boardwalk become awkward with the pouting of a young child and the cast begins their careers of t-shirt sales.

The camera fades away from the violence only to show cast reactions to a girl fight that is quickly broken up by security as Mike sends his one-night-stands home. The season seems to be headed of a Sami and Ronnie break up with the other cast getting into drunken trysts and a lot of fist pumping in Seashore, New Jersey.

Ronnie and Sami know they are the troublemakers, as Sunday church is on their radar as they take one of the two cars. This completely ruins Mike's plans, not sure how, but he says it does. We see the guidos go to the gym, tan and shop for Sunday dinner. Deena cooks, everyone seems to survive Sunday dinner.

And as Vinny raps his one-hit single "T-Shirt Time" he begins to attracts the stalkers. And neck-suckers, three kissing blondes, and a girl who is DTF. The proverb of the night, is no better said by Mike the Situation, with Vinny locking him out of a potential threesum, "sharing is for caring." We all wish Mike.

Pauli, rather falls into a background like Justin Beiber dancer, never to be seen or heard again. Oh wait, he cracks a few jokes here and there. As he says, "Come home missing Sunday dinner with a big banana and expect everything to be peaches" to a standoffish Sami.

With Jenni, we begin to see issues with her long time boyfriend, Tom, who gets upset over a forgotten anniversary. Does he not know, his honey is getting paid to hang out and sell shirts in Seaside? Give her a break.

Deena and Snooki, like Starsky and Hutch, are two peas in a pod or two meatballs of fun. They are each other's Robin without a Batman. Deena quote of the night, " I am down for the get down." Yes babe, we know you are a walking holiday.

The show ends with, surprise, Sami and Ronnie still fighting over the events of season 2. When will these two kids ever learn...

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