Friday, January 7, 2011

Jersey Shore Season 3: Book of Proverbs Episode 1

The MTV runaway hit about eight Italian Americans or Guidos and Guidettes living in a shore party house, started their third season Thursday night. Their influence on American culture is known. The housemates create their sanchismos (ironic Proverbs, and crude humor). And last their was a plenty.

Snooki, when referring to her wandering eye hump buddy Vinny, who was flirting with the new housemate Deena, if he was to sleep with her (Deena) she (Snooki) was to "done all ties." Now of course "cut all ties" is the popular saying, heck, US cut all ties with Cuba years ago but down them? Hilarious.

Now Deena, the new girl, who later picks an argument with Sammie, calls herself a "blast from the glass" and no omw really knows what she means. Is she comparing herself to a shot glass or just the red plastic cup. We know she hijacked "the blast from the past" but Deena is nothing to blast at.

The season just begun, so with each new episode I'll update you all with latest Jersey Shore proverbs and sayings. Oh, cuca, the goodies, hooha and vayjayjay all mean the same thing. Vagina.

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