Thursday, July 23, 2009

Battle in LA; Beckham vs the fans

David Beckham needs no introduction these days, husband of Spice Girl Victoria Beckham, ex-captain of English Football Team, and the $250 million dollar MLS superstar. The Armani underwear model, (no I will not post those pics), loses his cool by the mouth of a Disney Interactive Videogame Support Technician, David Martinous.

Kotaku's Stephen Totilo questions the odd behavior of "The World's Second Most Famous Athlete" and how a "videogame guy" story in the New York Times and Yahoo Sports pop up in his morning search ritual.

I really want to ask Totilo who he thinks is the first most famous athlete and why is he surprised that a videogame tech could be so loud and rude, at the very moment any twitter responses were not returned.

All the time behind a videogame screen, we have to get our jollies elsewhere, right?

During a preseason friendly, well preseason for AC Milan, but midseason for the LA Galaxy, the rossinerri squared off with the MLS team. The LA Galaxy really need a nickname. It was at half-time when the confrontation took place.

According to the LA Galaxy, the fan who jumped onto the field has been banned from the LA Riot Squad, but according the super-fans club there has yet to be a decision on the member, who according to their website, a recruit just needs to show up on section 138 and cheer. Tough requirements we all can agree.

The once Man U devil to wear the coveted number 7 jersey, strutted to section 138 and confronted the now infamous LA Galaxy support club, Riot Squad, and outstretched his hand. The incident reminds me of another infamous outburst of Red Devil #7. The kick that would go down in Football lore.

The incident in Los Angeles could of been worse, for all parties, Beckham's outburst was unbecoming of a superstar athlete who is a role model for children across the world and his own. For the fan Paige, who jumped off to greet Becks, could of recived a Red Devil kung fu kick, and ultimately the fans, who want the Galaxy to play well, make the playoffs, and win that MLS cup who has yet to be raise by the team.

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