Wednesday, May 20, 2009

EA Sports Active; burning for a better beach body

After a night with Electronic Arts new sports title, EA Sports Active, is the game (or interactive workout video) recommendable to Wii Fit owners and DVD workout connoisseurs? Details below.


First session was completed last night. I felt the burn, the day after sores, the blistered feet (usually thumbs from Team Fortress 2) but was the workout a greater value than walking your dog or jogging (mindlessly) on a treadmill? EA Sports Active will likely end up in a pile of Carmen Electra stripper, Taibo punching and P90x DVD videos. What does EASA offer that these videos do not? One simple caveat, there are times the game does not advance if you do not properly do the exercise.

It is like having a p.e. teacher yelling at you for being a dumb twitter twit for not doing one simple rep correctly. It is sixth grade all over again!

Keyword, patience, especially with the curls. If you do the movements to quickly or shake the Wii mote, it throws the game off. If you are patient and focus on the exercise (as a trainer would force someone to the exercise correctly!) the game registers it and you are on to your next rep. There was trouble with the lunges, inline skying and curls, but after a few tries, the work out was like a DVD exercise video (perspiration included). The gameplay mechanic of not letting the player advance before the excercise is done correctly is a buying reason over all of the DVD videos.

The Wii Fit balance board is supported, but there is no need to use one if one is aiming to do the EASA's 30 day workout regime.

As with all things that deals with getting fit, in shape, or rock hard abs, the game is as good as one makes it. Confusing? I know, but let me explain. The value of EASA will only be weighed agaisnt the effort of the user. If you are serious in losing weight, any DVD, any treadmill, any team sports activitiy and any gym of your choice will help you lose the weight, but the amount depends on you and only you. EASA does a good job on starting the path, but it is you who has to finish it.

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