Monday, September 29, 2008

Little Big Planet Beta Code; I have one to share for one lucky poster

Just describe in the comments on why you deserve to be in the Little Big Planet Beta before the game hits retail.

Best response gets the LBP beta code courtesy of LGs.

Update. The contest ends 10PM PST Time. The one code will be sent to the winner at 9AM PST on Thursday Oct 2.

Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Because i am the first to comment your post!! :)

ID PSN: bil600

Thomas said...

I deserve to be in the Little big Planet beta because I was waiting for this game for about 2 years. I also have some great Ideas for levels that everyone will probably like. I also have not been accepted into any of the contests.

Anonymous said...

I am in great need of the LBP beta key because unless i find a suitable outlet for my creative juices, i will explode and make a terribly colourful mess. I have tried painting and it does not suffice; what i really need is a sideways sack-based outlet for my creations. I have tried on many sites every day for an elusive beta key, but i seem to fail every time. :( Please help prevent me from exploding. Thank you.

Parker said...

Love your website love the game.... send me a beta if you want.
PSN: savgeotter

tbdcmike said...

I'd really like to get into the Little Big Planet beta to get a head start on learning the inner workings of this game.

As a devout gamer and writer, I've spent alot of time using games like Neverwinter Nights that have dev toolkits in them to create my own levels. I always share them for free with the public, never asking for a price.

I design these worlds around books I create. Seeing them come to life just makes it much more rewarding to me and I'm looking forward to doing the same with LBP.

If you want to see a sample of my writing, and what I might be creating my first LBP level around, here's a short excerpt from a book I'm working on right now.

I really hope you choose me. The beta would go to great use as I have alot of free time right now to work on my story.


PSN: Arakias

Matt fontaine said...

If you haven't given it away yet...

I think I deserve to play the beta because I am a graphic designer/illustration student and I think for the flexability that this game gives for creativity, it would be great to let designers try it out.
I can only begin to imagine all the crazy OUTSIDE of the box ideas I would use to make the best level ever!

Matt Fontaine said...

oh and my e-mail is ;)


i have been a gamer since videogames where out..
I am a great game designer... can make GAMES.. FLASH GAMES,CONSOLE GAMES TO..... i love going on this website... it gets me a great feeling that we are all gamers...
i think i deserve to have a BETA code.....

PSN ID-mrexclusive101

current game playing-MADDEN NFL 2009

Cartman86 said...

Hey! Cartman86 is my pSN!

Anonymous said...

Because it's 01:24AM in France,

I want to play the BETA cause i'm fan of media molecule, with them first game RagDoll KungFu !

Please send me a key:

Steven said...

I don't think I deserve to be in the beta more than anyone else, but I've been trying really hard to get into the beta and have been following the game since last year's GDC when it was announced. I've always loved the idea of the game and have been hoping it helps the PS3 overall.


Cartman86 said...

Oh best post I see... Hmm lets see. I've been looking for weeks for this code. I wrote 2 ideas for IGN's contest days in advance. I was all excited and I slept in and missed it!!! My internet went out the first day of 1up's so I missed that as well. I own all three consoles and just want to play everything out there as early as possible. I'm sick!

Anonymous said...

I can't say I deserve your beta code more than the others. All I can say is I'd really appreciate the beta code if I am lucky enough to recieve one. With my busy work schedule, I'm not fortunate enough to be around to enter every contest that's been released.

Thanks for reading.

Chris Kaminski said...

I'm an active member on the 1UP boards, and I specifically bought a PS3 for this game (and MGS4). I would love a beta, since it fits my creative nature, of which I love to share with everyone around me.

If you pick me, I'll give you a cookie as well. As you can see, I'm really desperate :/

P.S. I've been trying to get a 1UP code for the last 2 days.

Brian ! said...

I deserve it because I have entered in 9 (yea i count!) 9! contests and i didnt win any keys =(. the last game i bought was Orange Box in March but i play games everyday and i am only investing in this game this year. I really just want a head start to become an avid player and fan of LBP!
Good luck on finding the right person for the Key and i hope you make the right decision!

PSN- B_Arpie

Anonymous said...

I am cbanks on the 1up dot com forums. I have written a blog few have yet read it. I feel that that blog shows my maturity as a gamer. Furthermore I was two minutes behind the post time on tuesday's question, but my answer was in the subject line but not the message body. Finally I urge you to scour my 1up page and history there, that should speak towards "walking the walk" of a mature gamer.

Anonymous said...

I think that I will make some good levels like baseball or bowling. I also have ideas for other kinds as well. I have not been able to enter too many other contests because of school and if i get the key i will be eternally grateful.

GAME1213 said...

I would like a LBP beta key because instead of focusing on studying for the two tests I had today, I spent time running from computer to computer between classes trying to get a beta key from 1up. And I can't believe I just failed two tests because of a chance of getting a beta key....I need to be redeemed!

JoelF15 said...

I tried yesterday and monday...but failed, and I have a funeral to go to 2moro so this is my last chance..Thanks for the contest though..

Brett said...

I used to be an xbox fanboy and am slowly recovering, little big planet beta is sadly my last hope.. The doctors say it could be hours before I die.

Thanks for your contribution to ending this terrible disease.

Brian said...

This is brighat. I've been waiting 10 hours while talking to various jobbers, Primordial Oozes and Vat Scrapings who actually think their equal to me, without losing my mind or temper. That's why I feel I should get your spare Key. For being a gentleman.

Anonymous said...

I need the beta because im having the worst week ever. I lost my job on Sunday, had 2 friends be suicidal this week, allmost fail a test, have my dog die, forget to turn in a pap, and never get into one of the like 500 contests I entered :(

I hope you pick me, that would make my day.

One of my friends that was suicidal wants to come over tommorrow because tommorrow is a half day at school and I would love to play lbp with him it would be sick.

Thanks so much!

send to

Chris Kaminski said...

P.S. My account on 1UP is Nit3, my email address is, and my PSN is i_am_nit3mare.

I would just like to mention that I really would like to participate in the beta, and it would be great if I could have a code.

Derek said...

I could do like everyone else and give my sad story or I could be realistic about it.

1. It's obvious I want the code... does the story really matter? The game looks like a lot of fun and I recently bought a PS3 just for this game (well this and Warhawk).

2. I'm reading through you blog posts. I know you would expect this from most people but how many other people here will actually do it? On the Microsoft E3 post now and my feelings so far. Sven Eriksson looks like he has a really flat face, and that Beckham picture scares me.

3. Everyone needs a third reason... so... I like the way you spell football (futbol)?

Alex said...

I went through all the hoops that these other commenters have jumped through. No one here deserves it more than any anyone else. We've all been anticipating this game since it was announced at GDC 2007. I've been planning so many ideas for LittleBigPlanet, including making machinimas with the characters. I want a code to test these features out as soon as I can.

I would love to have the code, but again, no one here deserves it more than anyone else. So, if you want to do it a fair way just get something to randomly generate a number and then select that comment.

If not, Pick me! :)

jake said...

There is one main reason I think I should get the key, and that is because I believe I could contribute greatly to the custom levels. I believe that because I have been into game design for a long while now. I started off with RPG Maker 2000. Nothing special there, I know, but I created a game that takes 50 hours to complete; although, this game was in RPG Maker 2003.. I really put my heart into it. After that I got into Gary's Mod. I've been playing around with that for a while. Now I'm entering collage hoping to major in game design. I honestly believe LBP will give me some inspiration, and I really hope to get a head start with LBP.

Anyway, I would really appreciate it if I was chosen.

Please email me with or without the code.

Alex said...

BTW my PSN is Alias2k9

Anonymous said...

PLEASE AT ME I live in France and it's 2:50AM !

I must go to High School at 8h !


And the Latinos Gamers are the best:)

Anonymous said...

Because I been waiting to try this game out since I preordered the game a few months ago. A few weeks is unbearable. I would create a Captain Planet it will be awesome.

GhostF (PSN) said...

I think i deserve a key becouse:
i'm reading your blog for a few months now and i love it :D

when i get the key i would love to make some levels together.

I hope i get the key =D
And goodluck with your blog can't wait till you update again

(*returns to reading post from a few months ago ;)

My E-Mail: (replace the ADD with an @ :)
My psn: GhostF

GhostF said...

:\ i just saw i was too late :(
shit happens...

(hopes i'm still competign ;)

Anonymous said...

i should have it cause i cant get it on da 21 first cause im not going to be able to please give it to me

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