Saturday, May 17, 2008

Weekend Update May 17 - 19 2008

I will be playing more GTA4. I find myself playing the game as I would watch the Sopranos, one hour at a time. A few missions and cutscenes here and there, hopefully I will still be intrigued for the summer. It is turning into a tragedy, sorta how Eastern Promises turned out.

No movies this weekend, but please go watch IronMan. Really. Start your summer right. Wall-E has me intrigued, those Pixar folks keeps the Disney name on the bleeding edge of art and entertainment. Without them, what would Disney have, how many Lion Kings do we need?

The Super-Con is this weekend. Jorge Garcia of Lost fame will be hosting two panels, with photo opps available. Maybe he can sign my Blu Ray Season 4 edition....

I expect in buying three to four graphic novels, I just need to catch up on Powers...

Also I will probably catch my usual six futbol games on Saturday and Sunday. Not sure how, but I usually do.

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