Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Resident Evil Series and its use of Race

The Resident Evil Series has moved from its obscure videogame horror niche to a back and forth between bloggers, writers, and forum posters. The issue is race. One of the dividing issues in American today, hey historians argue it was the cause of the American Civil War. The issue peaked again, within American conscience, during the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s, with Martin Luther King Jr, Malcom X, Cesar Chavez and its various leaders pusing for an equal America. Race in the media, at least in the entertainment medium, has been insensitive. A multimillion dollar comedian arubtly quit over issues of race.

From minstrel shows, children books, and even "zoo" like showings through Western Europe, a proper representation of anyone of African descent has been racist. RE5, for some, has envoke the historical racist imagery. One side, we have the radical bloggers, who are calling foul for what the trailer images envokes. On the other side, we have forum posters, crying hypocrasy. No one complained about Call of Duty 4, or even RE4 and its violent portrayal of Arabs and Spanish.

I embark in a journey in RE4, to see if the imagery of the Spanish (you know those people in Spain) are represented in a fair light.

Twelve Minutes: I have killed non zombified humans, spanish humans with bad english accents. From the looks, they are light skinned, have a weird english accent. The only reason I know they are Spanish, like Antonio Banderas spanish without the tan or the dark hair, cause the game told me so. It seems an agent is looking for the missing American President's daughter a rural part of Spain. I saw Pan's Labrynith, maybe she is there? I killed one Spanish folk villager, I interrupted his cooking, was visibly and loudly upset. Swear words were thrown, a few waggles returned and he is dead. As I check his body, I come to find out he was a zombie. Heck I would be upset also, if some weird anglo person entered my home and started asking about some random chick. Do natural spanish speakers all have bad accents?

Thirty Minutes: The wife wants me to turn it off. It is late, she hates horror medium and the swear words are definately going to frighten the neighbors. The cursing is all in Spanish, and she is wondering why the hell Nintendo would release a game for the Wii. I try to explain, but she reminds the Wii is all about Mario and friends...

I realize these Spanish villagers are canibals, the policia eating kind. Atleast they are corking the pork... I kid, but really do canibals cook their meat or eat it raw?

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